Decree Merging the following Parishes: Saint Mary Magdalen in Oakville, and Saint John the Evangelist in Watertown, Connecticut.

On July 1, 2022, the parishes of Saint Mary Magdalen in Oakville and Saint John the Evangelist in Watertown, Connecticut, will merge to form a new parish to be known as Holy Disciples Parish, in accordance with canons 121 & 515 §2 of the Code of Canon.  On April 26, 2022, Archbishop Leonard P. Blair issued a decree effecting the merger of the aforementioned two parishes.

During the weekend of May 14/15, 2022, the decree will be read at all Masses, and its substance will be communicated to all parishioners by means of a notice in the weekend bulletins of Saint Mary Magdalen Parish and Saint John the Evangelist Parish, including the display in appropriate places at the churches, so that parishioners can read it as they enter or exit the churches.  It will also be available on the Archdiocese of Hartford website, under the News/Public Notices Section, [].  Canonical recourse may be made within the peremptory time limit of ten (10) days from the legitimate notification of the decree and in accordance with the norm of law (c. 1734 §2).

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