Lectors Schedule





Linked below are the schedules for Lectors .
The format is different from what you have seen in the past. If you have trouble please call me at 860-274-8836.
I did include the ‘time-off’ information that was supplied by some of you. I hope it is correct.
As in the past, if you need to change a date please contact a person to take your place. If this happens, I urge all of you to be flexible since you may be asked to help at a different Mass than what you normally are scheduled for.
It is good for all of us to challenge ourselves and work outside the box. It makes for better Catholic Christians.

Any questions please let me know.

Have a great day,
Deacon Victor


Click on the links below to see the schedules for each church:

Lectors Schedule   April -May 2023 - St John The Evangelist Church

Lectors Schedule   April -May 2023 - St. Mary Magdalen Church


Lectors Schedule  June- August 2023 - St. John the Evangelist Church

Lectors Schedule  June- August 2023 - St. Mary Magdalen Church