Weekly Parish News for the Weekend of June 19th 2020

Sunday Mass: Live streamed on our Facebook page at 8:30am. You can always rewatch the Mass, once the live feed has ended.
Weekday Mass: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday at 12:10pm. Please wear a mask. A staff member will seat you. Things have gone very smoothly this past week and there is plenty of space!
Confessions: Monday 6pm-7pm, Sat 3:30 -4:30pm
Church Prayer Hours: Monday 1:15-7, Tuesday 1:15-5, Wed 1:15-5, Thur 1:15-5, Fri 1:15-5, Sat 1:15 - 5, Sun 9:30-5
Find Us on Instagram - We are gramming now! @saintjohnwatertown 
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Parish Websitestjohn.weconnect.com
School Website   www.stjohnwtn.org
Parish Facebook Pagewww.facebook.com/stjohnwatertown
Instagram: Saintjohnwatertown