Parish Life News December 21

Christmas Mass Parking If you are able, consider parking off site. Street side parking on Main Street, especially North of the Church, is plentiful. There are plenty of spots at the Watertown Library and along Academy Hill. At the 4pm Mass, a police officer will be present to safely cross churchgoers - Thomaston Savings Bank and DeLand Field are another option. Please, however, Do Not Park at Rite Aid. If you choose to park in the church lot, we will have volunteers on site to greet and guide you into the lot efficiently. Please be mindful of the Fire Lane, which will be coned off. 
Christmas Mass Times 
4pm & 4pm Lower Church  Masses - This is a very popular Mass time, making the church and parking areas quite crowded - we typically have a turnout of over 900 people. Our Ushers will be working to efficiently seat as many as possible. Once the church is Full, Mass will begin, which will probably be around 3:45pm. A second Mass will be offered downstairs, in Fr Filip  Hall, at 4pm. We have brought in extra seating, gentle lighting, and printed worship aids to improve the worship experience. If your traditions and schedule allow, consider coming to Midnight Mass or Christmas Day Mass
Choir Concert and Midnight Mass - Our Senior Choir and String Quartet will be performing Christmas Music from 11:30pm - Midnight, as well as singing at the Midnight Mass. Lighted Luminary Bags will line our sidewalks and steps. Seating is full but you shouldn't have to stand. 
Christmas Day Masses 9am & 11am - Christmas Day Masses are full but seating / parking isn't typically an issue. 
Christmas Tent - Our Parish Council & Staff will be handing out Memorable St John the Evangelist Church Christmas Tree Ornaments (one per family), Magnets, and Christmas Cookies for Kids!