Our Parish Advent Mission - December 5th 7 PM to 9 PM

 The word “adventus”, in Latin means “Coming”.  During Advent, we not only celebrate Jesus’ coming into the world two thousand years ago but it is also a time to anticipate His coming again.  As Catholics, our Faith tells us that we will see Jesus again - - every one of us.  What might that moment be for us?  What would we hope for?  

 Join us as we start the Advent season with a parish mission night that helps us reflect on What we expect of God

 Come to our Advent Parish Mission Evening with Fr. Michael J. Dolan as we broaden the horizons of our interior life through the best practices in Catholicism during this season of preparation for Christmas.

 The evening will take place in St. John the Evangelist Church from 7 PM to 9 PM on Thursday, December 5.  For those of you who know Father Dolan, you know we’re in for an inspiring evening.  If you’ve not had that pleasure, make a point to be there on Thursday, December 5!