Catholic Biblical School Adult Education at St John the Evangelist - September 26th - December 5th

Archdiocese of Hartford Catholic Bible School Extension Program CBS 075: “Making Sense of the Bible”

Making Sense of the Bible” draws upon the strengths of the Catholic Biblical School process but with much less student commitment. CBS 075 is designed to introduce, in a straightforward manner, how the Catholic Church approaches the Bible. It also seeks to familiarize students with the class structures and dynamics of the Archdiocesan Biblical School. At the invitation of authorized pasto-ral leaders, classes take place in the context of the local faith communities and are led by graduates of the Catholic Biblical School who have received specialized training to lead the extension course.

Course consists of six sessions that survey:
• Several key concepts relating to the Bible and God’s revealed Word in the Catholic faith community
• Some foundational texts in the Old and New Testaments.
• Some tools of interpretation as understood in contemporary Catholic teaching.
• Some models of praying with Scripture.

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