St. John Church Choir News

The Adult Choir is currently rehearsing Wednesday evenings in small sectionals.

6:45 PM                   Sopranos

7:15 PM                   Altos

7:45 PM                   Tenors

8:15 PM                   Basses

We are making recordings to be played at Mass.  Come join us! If you don’t know your voice type, email Mark Ryan at [email protected] and he will help you out.

It’s only a 30 minute a week commitment during this COVID pandemic. Bring a mask.



The St. John Youth Choir will start sectional rehearsals once a month beginning Wednesday, October 28.

Rehearsals and recordings will take place in the church hall.  We will record in sectionals and the final project will be played at Masses the following Sunday.

Please email Mark Ryan at [email protected] if you wish to sing.  You will be assigned a 30 minute time slot: Either 6:30-7:00 or 7:00-7:30.

Bring a mask. Social distancing will be practiced.  All youth from grades 2-12 are encouraged to sing.