New Beginnings

Jun 24, 2018

“New Beginnings” is an Ecumenical Program designed to provide children in need with new school clothes.

Each child is provided with:

  • 3 Shirts 2 Pairs of Pants
  • 1 Fall Jacket
  • 1 Package of underwear
  • 1 Package of socks
  • 1 $25.00 gift certificate (toward the purchase of a pair of shoes)

Working closely with the Social Services office, children are selected to participate in “New Beginnings” on the basis of need. The clothing is collected from the participating congregations, boxed and delivered to the Social Service office in August. Privacy and confidentiality are strictly maintained.

This year St. John Parish has been asked to supply the clothing for 7 children. If you would be interested in purchasing individual items or donating money for the purchase of items or donating money for a $25 gift certificate for shoes, please contact the Parish Office by phone or e-mail, as soon as possible. We can provide a list of sizes & colors of the items needed. The Parish needs to have all items sorted, boxed and ready for Social Services by August 3.

Thank you for considering this effort to help school aged children in our community.