Men's Group - October 8th 7:00 PM

Come join us on October 8th at 7 pm for our Men’s Group Meeting

A special sharing with Mike and Diane Rokosky

On the last Sunday in September, the readings were from Amos, Chapter 6 and from Luke, Chapter 16 reminding us of the call to care for those who suffer hardship; sharing what we have with those in need because that is what God expects. On that Sunday, Pope Francis unveiled of a dynamic sculpture in St. Peter's Square, depicting a group of migrants of various cultures and from different historic times following a Mass for the World Day of Migrants and Refugees.  As the Pope said on that day, we are all called to care for those in need. 

Caring for refugees has been a work of mercy in the Church since the very first days.  Without such expressions of compassion and mercy, some communities in the early Church may not have survived.   The need continues today.  While much of the discussion regarding borders and immigration deals with political and legal implications, there remains a need to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and care for the ill.

At our October Men’s Group meeting, we invite you to come and hear about one Catholic response to the reality of current-day migrants and refugees. Mike and Diane Rokosky of our parish will share their personal experiences on the Border as part of the Mission Awareness Program sponsored by the School Sisters of Notre Dame. 

Come join us on Tuesday, October 8 at 7 pm in the Church Hall. 

Due to the Faith Formation class ending times, we will start at  7 pm.  Come join us for pizza as we start.  Our talk will get underway at 7:30 pm.