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December Men’s Group events

Over the past several years, we have used our December Men’s Group to participate in and support the parish events for Advent.  This year we’d like to do the same around two upcoming events:

On Thursday, December 5th from 7-9 pm, Father Mike Dolan will be presenting a one night Advent Mission around the theme of “What Do We Expect of God?”.

 Advent is often described as a season for waiting; waiting in anticipation but of what?  What do we each anticipate from God?  It seems doubly appropriate since many of us can recall our kids or grandkids anticipating what they will get from Santa and, like all kids, building up significant lists of things they “want”, often not connected to the possible.  [This year, one of our grandkids is asking for an alpaca!!] 

What is our list not for Santa, but for God?  What do we expect of God in our life?  What do we ask Him for? Do we even feel free enough to ask Him for what we need? Do we have someone who is ill in the family?  Someone in need of help; financially, spiritually?  Have we asked His help?   Are we ourselves in need?  Have we made our own list or, more likely, as good, strong, men of Faith, admit that we don’t really need anything for ourselves?    “What Do We Expect of God?”  Knowing that can bring us all into a deeper relationship with Him.

Come join us from 7 pm to 9 pm at St. John the Evangelist Church (in the Church itself) this Thursday, December 5th.  ( This is in lieu of our normal monthly meeting in December.)

The second important event is Sunday, December 8th at the 11 am Mass. Archbishop Blair will be at St. John’s to celebrate Mass with us as a parish.  It’s a great opportunity to hear from him and for him to experience, in a small, first-hand way, the life of our parish.