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Pastoral Planning Creates “Saints for Tomorrow Survey” for Your Input

HARTFORD, Conn. (Apr. 7, 2017) As the pastoral planning process regarding parishes

in the Archdiocese of Hartford is nearing completion, the Office of Pastoral Planning has

developed a survey called, “Saints for Tomorrow,” for the purpose of naming the newly-

formed parishes that will result of the merger of two or more existing parishes.

Parishioners are being asked to visit the pastoral website, stewardsfortomorrow.org, and

click on “Saints for Tomorrow” in the menu tab. This will bring them to the survey,

which will ask participants to choose the names of three saints whom they would like

Archbishop Leonard P. Blair to consider when he officially names the new parishes.

Participants will be able to choose from a comprehensive list of saints’ names or suggest

one that is not on the list. The Archbishop is looking for names that are not already

represented within the Archdiocese of Hartford. Names such as: Saint Mary, Saint Ann,

Saint Joseph and Sacred Heart are on several church buildings. The deadline to respond

to the survey is Tuesday, April 25 th .

Cited on the website are the parameters under Canon Law that are used for naming a

parish, as dictated by Rite of Dedication of a Church and An Altar (administered in

conjunction with Canon Law #1217 and #1218).

The Archdiocese of Hartford is planning to share the results of the pastoral planning

process as related to parishes sometime in May.