St. John the Evangelist's Mens Group

Our goal is to unify the men of our parish. We are not only looking for a spiritual concept, but a place where the men of the parish can get to know one another better as Catholic men and members of St. John's . We all have much to give, but sometimes don't know how to go about it. Each and every one of us has a special talent that can be shared, it is just finding the right time and place to use it. We want to make our Parish more of a place of fellowship as well as a place of worship. If we can build a stronger community, we believe we can build a stronger Parish.

As a Men's Group, we are

• Not a formalized "service group".

• Not a regular Bible study.

• Not a session concentrated on learning Church doctrine.


 We will be a place

• For getting to know other men in the parish.

• To talk about our Catholic faith in a "real" way; how it works in our daily lives.

• To develop camaraderie and a sense of belonging that, we hope, will be reflected in our overall parish community; at Masses, at events, etc.


As men of St. John's parish, God has given us the tools, we want to find a way together to put them to good use. Our intention is that our group will get together monthly for about an hour and a half.


For more information contact: St. John the Evangelist Parish Office  [email protected]

Recent meeting details can be found by clicking on this link